Patreon Connect

Patreon is a great tool that connects content creators with their community and empowers them to keep creating great content. When people really enjoy your content and appreciate the time and effort you put into creating it, they are willing to support you. Everyone needs to work and earn money and your patrons understand this. Patreon is extremely powerful in what it can offer but alot of content creators would like to take it to the next level.

Using the Patreon Connect WordPress Plugin, you can build a community for your patrons and really engage with them in your own space. When you run your own website, you make the rules and you have the flexibility to build any environment you want.

Want to see what it can do?

Why WordPress?

WordPress is the most popular CMS according to and, in my humble opinion, the most user friendly and flexible. Due to the flexibility, a Patreon content creator can customise their space endlessly and cater to their unique community, offering them more value than ever.


What makes Patreon Connect so special?

      Easy to setup, easy to use
      Flexible and Extendable
      Perfect for content creators
      Connect with your Patrons
      Grow your community

To see a list of the plugins capabilities, visit the examples page for more.

Here are some popular guides to protecting your content with Patreon Connect:

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“We are building a new website for my music project relaxdaily. It’s a music site built around the Patreon philosophy. I’m so happy that I found this Patreon plugin for WordPress, because otherwise I don’t know how I could integrate the Patreon API with my website. This helps me to build a fantastic solution for my future patrons. Thank you Ben!” – Michael Fesser, founder of relaxdaily

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