The “Patreon Connect” plugin was created to help Patreon content creators protect their content from non-patrons and also give their loyal patrons a whole lot more. If you are a content creator and want to create your own space away from the Patreon branding and really unlock the true power of Patreon, running your own WordPress website is a great solution.

With WordPress + the “Patreon Connect” WordPress plugin, you have the absolute freedom to operate your Patreon campaign the way you want to. Even if you do not have technical expertise you can harness the ability to protect your content so that only your paying patrons can see it.

Users can join or sign in to your website simply by clicking the ‘Join with Patreon’ button that appears under the login/register form. They are then free to experiencing all of the exclusive content you have created on your own website. Which content they can experience is up to you – set dollar values on your content so that you can have different tiers of content for your different pledge levels.

For more advanced content creators, the sky is the limit! I have coded some familiar WordPress hooks and filters to take the reigns – you can even step into the templates themselves wrap elements in some simple PHP conditionals. All of these can be seen on the documentation page.

Want to see what it can do, or if its exactly what you were always looking for?

Try it out by click the button below: