Guide to Protecting your Video Content with Vimeo and Patreon Connect

Securing the Video

Vimeo has the capability of ensuring a video can only be embedded on specific domains.  Outlined in the image below is the setting that will let you dictate the domains your videos can appear on, simply added your website and lock your content to your site.

With Vimeo Pro you can ensure a video is only played on a specific domain.

Embedding the Content

Here is an example Vimeo embed I am using. Note, I do not actually have a Vimeo Pro account – the method is exactly the same though.

If you have changed the relevant privacy settings for the video on Vimeo, it should be locked to your domain. Now you can utilise Patreon Connect to handle the rest. This can be achieved by creating a new ‘Patreon Content’ post and inserting the video as usual (just by pasting the link in the post content. Set your desired ‘Patreon Level’ on the post and publish.

This content can be embedded within another post or page with the simple shortcode:

[patreon_content slug="example-vimeo-video"]

If done correctly, it will render as below (assuming you haven’t contributed $999 to my Patreon campaign):

Min. Contribution required: $999

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