If you are trying to see what this plugin can offer you, there are a few methods to test. Here are the scenarios you should try to get a feel for things:

  • First, have a look around this website without being logged in.
  • Second, login to the website with your Patreon account without pledging to my campaign and experience the content.
  • Third, pledge to my campaign as a ‘Demo Patron‘ ($1) – when you return to this website you will notice the extra content that is now unlocked to you.

If you are already a patron, you can find installation instructions and detailed documentation for all of the examples below & much more. Here are some examples of protecting your content with WordPress and Patreon Connect

Here is a very basic example of what it does:


Protected Page (link)

Above is an example of a standard page protected by a minimum contribution value. This page is only viewable by users that have contributed at least $1 to my campaign @ https://www.patreon.com/wordpressplugin

When you are protecting content, you are not restricted by the reward tiers available on your Patreon campaign. You can full control over what you value your content at eg. $1, $1.50, $2.37, etc.



Page with embedded Patreon Content (link)

Above is an example of a standard page with different pieces of embedded content. There are several embeds, each with a different value. The higher the patrons pledge, the more content they can see!



Embedded Content with a Youtube video as a Promotion Banner

If you want to include a ‘pitch’ video or some other embeddable media, you can use this on specific Patreon content embeds. For a full list of supported 3rd party content that can be used instead of a Youtube video, view the list on the WordPress website here.

[patreon_content slug="small-content-embed-1-minimum" paywall_embed_url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qJp6xlKEug"]

Min. Contribution required: $1

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Embedded Content with a custom Image as a Promotion Banner

[patreon_content slug="small-content-embed-1-minimum" paywall_image_url="https://placehold.it/500x500?text=Example%20Banner%20Image"]

Min. Contribution required: $1

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