Patron Discount and Patron Memberships for Patreon Connect out now!

I have released two new plugins onto the WordPress plugin repository. They extend the functionality of Patreon Connect and are very specific in their purpose. The reason they have been separated out into their own plugins is because this creates lots of development pathways for very specific functionality that can develop without interfering with other plugins.

Patreon Connect: Patron Discount will allow you to grant a user of your Woocommerce store a discount on either the cart, with a percentage or fixed price disount. You can also discount specific products.

Patreon Connect: Patron Memberships lets you utilise the functionality of Paid Memberships Pro and grants active patrons the equivalent membership level matching their Patreon contribution levels.

If these plugins are useful and you wish to extend them further, I offer complete customisation options over at


Patreon Connect v1.2.3 Released *stable*


I would recommend updating to this version immediately. There are  few new small features but this version is stable, I haven’t found a bug for a long time so if I don’t hear back anything from you guys – I am going to end up marking this as stable and falling back to a monthly release cycle.

Features this release:

  • Personalised Message shortcode eg. [personal_message before_name="Hi there, " after_name=" thankyou for your support"]
  • Patrons Name shortcode eg. [patrons_name]
  • Adding ‘Login with Patreon’ button to Woocommerce login/register page

If you need help getting to this version send me a message or something.

I would recommend getting to this version immediately. From here on its going to be monthly, feature packed releases.

More exciting stuff coming soon – including a Woocommerce plugin that will apply a discount automatically to your Patrons! Here is a sneak peak:

PS. Download the safety jacket @

Patreon Connect v1.2.3 is available here

Version 1.2.1 of Patreon Connect is Available Now!

First up – apologies for the obscenely quick turn over of versions. This will slow down and I will move to a monthly release schedule as soon as I am happy with it. I’d like to thank Michael @ Relaxdaily for the help and suggestions with these versions that have been coming through.

Attached is v1.2.1 of Patreon Connect. It includes some more optimisations on a structural level & added security by using nonces with the Oauth requests. I would recommend doing what it takes to get to this version. Follow the directions here: as its the same process to follow.

Notables in this version:

  •  Great looking options page – very friendly now
  • Creator ID is no longer being fetched by the Creator Access tokens. I am waiting to hear back from Patreon regarding movement of this ID to the oath API client & keys page for ease of use. You can easily get it from the widget button they provide though (there is a link in the options page if you need help)
  • Nonces and things (security)
  • Removing the register/login button from the user profile page (can add back in as option if people want?)

Get access to the latest version of the Patreon Connect wordpress plugin here.

Again, if you have any issues updating to this version, you know where to get at me. Don’t forget to check out the technical documentation @

Upgrading Patreon Connect from v1.16 to v1.2

I have spent some time cleaning up the structure of the plugin – its looking quite neat and tidy now.

Part of this process involved removing files and creating new ones, so you can’t just upload this one directly over the old one. You will need to delete the actual plugin directory or remove the plugin (not sure how you are managing plugins) before installing this version. If you are using the WordPress interface to manage your plugins, please ensure the plugin is *deleted* entirely before you ‘Add New’ plugin again.

The data will remain the same, so don’t worry about losing your settings, it’s just I want to ensure the plugin is as clean as possible on your server (without obsolete files).

Get the latest version @

New features for this release are:

  • Patreon content can be exclusive for specified WordPress usernames, eg.
    [patreon_content slug="example-content-slug" username="john_smith"]
  • Embedded Patreon content can have posts/pages/custom post types used for the campaign banner, eg.
    [patreon_content slug="example-content-slug" paywall_embed_post_slug="pitch-page" paywall_embed_post_type="page"]
  • There is an option in the Patreon Connect settings that lets you enable a ‘Redirect after login/register’ page – this lets you choose a specific page. When a user logs in or registers they will be always be sent there.

I have actually written up a lot of documentation now that should elucidate the feature set offered by Patreon Connect, check it out here.

Again, if you need a hand doing this or further help you can lodge a ticket or contact me directly @ Patreon

New Version of Patreon Connect has just launched – v1.16

Hi all, this is a massive update. I have been hard a work getting this thing as polished as possible and I can truly say this version is stable, quick and easier than ever to use. Most of all, it introduces a nice security feature to address the concerns I had with users logging in with the Patreon accounts.

There is now an option that lets you disabled site admins and editors from being able to login with their Patreon accounts. If this is switched off, admins/editors will need to login with their WordPress credentials. This should give you some peace of mind while enjoying the enormous UX improvements that users being able to login with Patreon offers.

Also, I have introduced transient caching on the API call that fetches a users patronage, for 1 minute, that should improve things. I can tweak this cache timer if you want but I figured that should be enough to keep it under control & effective at protecting your content.

Here are the  notes for major features in this release:

  • Transient caching on fetching user patronage for 1 minute (performance++)
  •  Priority change on the_content filter, should be last to run over other plugins (eg. membership pro)
  • Redirect user to content after login / signup / contribution increase
  • Added information about ‘danger users’ if you are using Patreon Login feature
  • Can disable admin/editor users from being able to sign in with Patreon (recommended)
  • Can now protect all post types, including pages & custom post types
  • Added option to only run default wordpress content filters over ‘the_content’ to prevent conflicts from 3rd party plugins (eg. wp about the author)

Patrons can get the latest version of the Patreon Connect plugin here.

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