Patreon Connect: Patron Discount

If you are running a WooCommerce store and currently offering patrons a discount at checkout; you are probably relying on discount coupons and other manually handled options. Patreon Connect: Patron Discount can you help you reward you patrons, automatically. Using Patreon connect, the discounts will only be applied to your patrons. If a user isn’t a patron, the coupon will not be applied to them.

Offering you the ability to choose from a discount on your cart total or your shipping total, Patron Discount lets you reward you patrons for their loyalty without having to manually intervene.

Patreon Connect: Patron Discount options page

You can choose between a percentage discount or a fixed discount on both the shipping or cart totals. You can also choose whether to apply the patron discount in combination with any other coupon.

This Patron has a shipping discount and a cart discount.

A product discount can also be set if you want to offer a discount on a particular product line:

Product level Patron Discount


Reward your loyal Patrons today with Patreon Connect & Patreon Connect: Patron Discount